Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daffy Duck for President written and Illustrated by Chuck Jones

Here is some light hearted political satire if you will from Chuck Jones. I have to admit I watched a lot of hours of Chuck Jones illustrated cartoons when I was a kid, and even now if I get bored I've been known to still watch a cartoon or two.

When I saw this book many years ago, and I can't even where I found it, I said to myself this "I must get this." I think I paid a couple of bucks for it so it didn't break the bank.

The book is just like it says Daffy Duck is running for President.

Daffy is running on a campaign to outlaw rabbits, meaning yes Bugs Bunny is involved. Bugs then explains to Daffy that the President can't actually pass laws and that it's congress that passes laws. So, Daffy decides to run for Congress and gets elected.

Of course all the other members of congress laugh at the idea of a hunting season for rabbits that is 365 days a year. Daffy seems kind of confused by the whole idea of "Majority Rule."

Bugs also explains to Daffy that even if a law is past it's up to the supreme court to interpret the laws. Poor Daffy just can't win. Daffy asks the age old question, "WHO'S RUNNING THIS COUNTRY, ANYWAY?" and as Bugs Bunny says it's we the citizens.

A very lovely little book that is for kids, but really is entertaining for all. I also like that it's educational.

Trivia according to this book Daffy's middle name is Delano and he lives in Long Island.

Published in 1997 by Warner Brothers and the United States Postal Service.


Brian Guy

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