Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween.....!!!!

I love halloween so here is one of my favourites for Halloween this beats the hell (not a pun) out of Charlie Brown's Halloween special. This was a British sitcom bottom featuring Adrian Edmonson and Rik Mayhall. It's hilarious (unless your my wife, then it's horrible.)

Enjoy their trick or treating, failed party, and an attempt to conjure the devil with hilarious results.

If you are partaking in trick or treating stay safe.


Brian Guy

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ghost Books from My Youth

 Okay it's close to Halloween here in the states and I have to admit it's one of my favourite holidays. Ghost and the supernatural have fascinated me since I was a very little kid. I have to admit that my ideas and views of ghost or parapsychology as its called now have changed quite a bit. I used to believe every ghost story that I was told, but now I have to say I am more skeptical. Do I still believe in ghost? Yeah, but I don't think every haunting is actually a spirit or supernatural and don't even get me started on  the orbs bullshit.

So,  here are some of the first ghost books I ever read and I've read a lot in fact I collect them just like I collect records. Yes, I am a pack rat. Just ask my wife.

True Ghosts Stories was probably the first book I ever read on ghost. There's the story of the Grey man who is seen before hurricanes in Pawney Island, SC, a phantom hitchhiker story from Columbia, SC and Ouija board story from Dallas, TX plus quite a few more stories. I really loved                                                                                
this book as a kid, it scared me quite a bit, but it was very attractive to me and really got me interested in ghost.
Edited by Pat McCarthy and long out of print by Xerox Education Publications of Middletown, CT 1974

Next is Dynamite Book of Ghost and Haunted Houses by Margaret Ronan. I remember reading Dynamite Magazine a lot when I was a kid. They always had Topps baseball cards in one of the spring issues every year, man I loved that.

So, when I saw this book in the book order list that we used to get handed out to us from Scholastic, I think it was them doesn't really matter, I knew I had to order this book.

I loved this book from the get go. The stories scared the crap out of my the story of Walking Otto of New Orleans, was a story that I read may times. It is a story of a guy with two wooden legs who
Befriends a little girl and after he is murdered he comes back to her and gives her evidence that leads to his killers being brought to justice. The Haunted Church about a old haunted church outside of Syracuse, NY used to scare me pretty good too. Basically a lady was very devote, but slowly lost her mind and was kicked out of the church. She hung herself in the church and came back to haunt it. Creepy shit for a 10 year old kid. There's a phantom hitch hiker story from Honolulu, HI. It seems like all of these books have a phantom hitch hiker story in it.

This was published in 1980 by Scholastic Paperbacks of New York, NY.

Last on my list, is Haunted Houses by Larry Kettelkamp. This has a very famous photo on the front of it from a haunted house in Greenwich, London. I think this photo has been proven as a fake, but can't remember for sure. The Photo is of the Tulip Staircase taken by Reverend R.W. and Mrs. Hardy. in 1968.

The Tower of London haunting is covered pretty well in this book at least for a little kid it is. The Borley Rectory haunting of which there is a lot of information out there on it is covered briefly. My favourite ghost story in this book is the one about a ghost sighting in a library in Lincoln, NE. Seems a gal saw the ghost of a phantom librarian putting a book on the shelf and it happened to be at about the same time and day that a librarian died at that same spot in the late 30's.

This was another Xerox Books published in 1969.

So, there you have it three ghost books that I enjoyed as a child. When I was younger there was the occasional story on TV about ghost and now there are a lot of shows on TV on the subject of ghost. I'm not going to name, names or anything but some of the shows I think are really well done, and others are total garbage, that make me shake my head and go,"That's complete Bullshit you are either a fraud or an idiot." I guess it's all in what you want to believe right?

Happy Halloween,

Brian Guy

Monday, October 22, 2012

West Coast Country: Independent Label C&W of the '50-'70's v/a - cs

A bootleg cassette what a novel thing in this day and age. I am happy that cassettes are making a comeback.

This covers just what it says West Coast Country.

There are some heavy hitters from the annals of country music.

Most of the other artist on this compilation are completely unknown to me, but seems to be heavy on labels from Oregon and Washington. If you like old country this is really worth your time to take a listen to.


Brian Guy Coast Country ; Independent Label C&W of the _50s - 70s cs - va.rar

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Was a Teenage Murder Junkie: The Last Days of GG Allin by Evan Cohen

This is a book written by Evan Cohen who traveled with GG Allin on his last tour of the U.S. before his death from a heroin overdose.

I really enjoyed this book, it's a quick read that is full of everything that you can think of on a GG Allin tour: Drugs, Sexual deviance, Violence against fans, a chronic masturbating drummer, and Johnny Cash.

The book starts with them standing beside their broken down tour van and it's all down hill from there. I have to say if I knew nothing about GG Allin I'd say that this had to be a work of fiction, but having followed him since the late 80's, I knew it was the real deal.

While this book talks about the tour Cohen talks a lot about how he kind of changes along the way in the tour and gets used to the debauchery that he sees and how much he really misses New York City. I love the quote from him when they are getting questioned by the Police after GG Allin was exposing himself in a McDonalds, ""What's a nice Jewish kid like me doing in a place like this?"

Cohen also talks about the different kinds of GG Allin fans:
1. The group that showed up to see if it was for real or not and stood in the back.
2. The group that tried to get as close to GG Allin as possible during a show but ran like hell when ever he got near them.
3. The group that really enjoyed having GG Allin abuse them and would stay up front no matter what happened.

To me the most interesting part of the book wasn't the band being chased around the country by a couple of female groupies with rich parents or the motel destruction, but the trip to Branson, MO. the most wholesome  place in all of country music.

You see a different side of GG Allin, getting an autograph from Johnny Cash and telling Cash's daughter how much he loved her dad. I can't even imagine what the people sitting next to him during the Cash show where thinking. I always knew that GG Allin liked country music he did a couple covers of Hank Williams Jr. songs and I have a couple of 45's of him doing acoustic country songs, so he was a little deeper than just some freak on stage running around naked, beating people up and taking a shit on stage and then throwing it at his audience, he actually had another side to him, one that seemed a little more mellow.

The book doesn't end at the end of the tour, there is an Epilogue in which Cohen finds out from Merle Allin, GG's brother, that GG Allin has died after a show due to a lot of drug use during the day before his demise. Cohen also describes the funeral, I actually have a VHS copy of the funeral that a friend of mine bought me for my birthday one year, and how it was a normal funeral nothing outrageous.

I doubt if this book, that comes with a CD, is still in print, but if you are a fan of GG Allin you really need to get this book.

This book was put out by Recess Records of Torrance, CA in 1999.

Rest in peace GG you deserve it.

Brian Guy

The Darlin's - Take Me Dancing 7"

This is some pretty good country and western here. Judy Toy and Suzanne Sherwin are the Darlin's.

I had a hard time really finding any information out about this band or it's members until I started looking at Judy Toy's band history. She has been with the Creamers, a band that never really did much for me and The Superkools a band that if I remember right I actually liked. As for Suzanne Sherwin, I can not find any other bands that she has played with.

So, I guess this is an Los Angeles area band, not that it makes much difference. I do think it's funny that instead of SFTRI on the back it's Sympathy for Nashville, Tennessee. I guess I'm easily amused.

I really enjoyed this little 45. It's straight up country western sounds like something from the 70's or '80's not from the 90's. If you like more traditional sounding country you should enjoy this. Both songs are basically songs about love gone wrong. I know how unusual for country music.

This was released in 1992 on SFTRI. the - Take Me Out Dancing 7inch.rar

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

God Less America - Country & Western fer all ye Sinners 'n' Sufferers 1955 -1966 LP - va

Repost from Down Underground:

This is compilation has the most messed up songs that you will never hear on your local country music station. I love this album for a lot of different reasons: 1. I love old Country Western 2. I like songs that are a little off beat and that's what this is. Songs about serial killers, drunks, killers and dregs of society.
At least two of the songs on this compilation have been covered by other artists, The Cowslingers did Too Many Pills and T. Tex Edwards covered Dolores, I am not sure which versions I like more.
This was released by Crypt in 1995. Thanks to discos for the scans, since I didn't have the time to scan my copy.
I hope that people give this a chance, because it deserves it. I'm not going to list the bands and artist that appear on this because I'd be willing to bet that you haven't heard of them, Lord knows I only recognized a handful of names on this.


Brian Guy Less America - Country & Western fer all ye Sinners _n_ Sufferers 1955 -1966 LP - va.rar

Wicked Portland: The Wild and Lusty Underworld of a Frontier Seaport Town by Finn J.D. John

I've been reading a lot of books lately on the history of towns and cities of the Pacific Northwest. I've read Skid Row: An Informal Portrait of Seattle by Murray Morgan, and the very good and entertaining book Sons of the Profits or There's no Business like Grow Business The Seattle Story 1851-1901 by William C. Speidel, so I decided to read about "The City of Roses" Portland, Oregon or at least the wicked side of it.

This is a great book that talks about the history of the underside of Portland in pretty good detail. There is a lot about Jonathan Bourne Jr., who was fleeing the east coast and ended up in Portland and doing pretty good for himself.

The cautionary tail of J.P. Cochran who came to Portland and was promptly fleeced of everything he owned and ended up getting locked up in jail. His dad A.G. Cochran who was head of the Missouri Pacific Railway had to head out west to bail him out and head back to St. Louis.

There's also talk of the opium dens and the shanghaiing that went on until almost World War I. When you hear of shanghaiing in Portland it's normally said that said victim gets some booze that's laced with something and the next thing they know they wake up on a ship headed out to sea. That wasn't always the case. The story of farmer Aquilla Ernest Clark a farmer who came to town and met a gentleman that treated him and some other gents to food and booze took them on a steamboat to Astoria, Oregon they took in the sights but before they left they had to sign a piece of paper just so when the ship left back for Portland they'd know they had everyone. After living it up in Astoria they where asked if they wanted to see a deep sea ship, they all said yes. Well remember the pieces of paper they signed? Well they had just signed up to be the crew for this ship, out came the guns and off to the sea they went. It took Clark seven years to get back home, a lot of others were not so lucky.

There's also a chapter dedicated to the prostitutes of Portland. The Mayor Vs. Mayor chapter is pretty interesting to.

Edouard Chambreau's story is pretty interesting as well. He was a French Canadian who lived a pretty wild life before he got to Portland. Once in Portland he tried to run a restaurant but that didn't work he ended up running a saloon and gambling den. He eventually became a born-again Christian and wrote an interesting book detailing his life. I'd love to read that book, as it sounds pretty interesting.

As for Wicked Portland this is a great book. It's a pretty quick read and full of all sorts of information about the early days of Portland.

This book was Published by The History Press of Charleston, SC and London, England in 2012.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Complete Encyclopedia of Commercial Vehicles by G.N. Georgano, editor

This isn't the kind of book that you are going to sit down and read from from to back, it's more of a reference book. That being said when I saw this, I knew I had to pick it up. Yeah it's pretty old it was published in 1979, and the information isn't exactly up to date as a result, but this has a lot of neat stuff in it.

There are over 2500 manufactures listed and there are a lot of colour and black and white photos, which makes the book worthwhile in of its self.

Amazing stuff if you are into trucks and the like. The only complaint that I really have is they list Suburu as having commercial vehicles, I in all my life have never seen a Suburu as a commercial vehicle setting and they have a picture of a Brat?! A Brat is a commercial  vehicle are you kidding? I guess a Yugo was a commercial vehicle to then. Oh, well I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

This first edition was printed by Krause Publications of Iola, WI in 1979.


Brian Guy

Terrace Legends by Cass Pennant and Martin King

For some reason I find football/soccer violence interesting, hence my second book review on the subject.

This is an fascinating book written by Cass Pennant and Martin King. They interviewed 29 football hooligans from mostly the UK. They asked all of them the same questions and some of the answers were pretty interesting.

First they describe the meeting the fans background. The questions are as follows:

What's Your Favourite Terrace Fashion?
What's the Worst Fashion You've Ever Seen on the Terrace?
Describe Your Worst Feeling at a Game.
Have You ever Incurred Any Serious Injuries or been Badly Beaten Up at a Match?
Has Your Side Ever been Involved in a Full Scale Riot?
Describe the Best Taking of an End You've ever Witnessed.
Which Has You're Own Team's Popular End?
Where did You Sit or Stand in the Ground?
Can You Recall a Battle You have been Involved in, Either inside or Outside a Ground?
Can You Recall the Best Ever Mob Your Team has put Together?
Who's the Best Rival You've Ever Seen?
Who are Your Biggest Rivals Team Wise?
Who are Your Biggest Rival Fan Wise?
Have You Ever joined up with Another Team's Firm?
Did You Ever Follow England and Would You Put England before Your Club?
Which Was the Best England Row?
Have You Ever Supported or Looked Out for another Team's Results?
Name Your Top Five Firms, in any Order?
Which is the Worst Grounds You've Ever Been to and Why?
Which is the Best Stadium You've Been to?
Who are the Fairest Coppers You've Come Across at a Match?
And the Worst Old Bill?
What Would Have Stopped you Getting Involved with the Boys at the Matches?
Describe the Methods and Tactics Used by the Police and the Authorities to Stop Football Violence, and Do You think they Work?
Have You Ever been Sickened by Something You've Witnessed at a Game?
What's Your Favourite Football Song or Chant and Which is the Worst? Can You Recall Hearing from the Other Team?
What is Your Favourite Band/Record during Your Football Days?
Who is Your All-Time Favourite Player?
Where do You think the New English National Stadium Should be Built and what are Your Thoughts Regarding the Wembely Fiasco?

As you can see a lot of questions were asked. I think the most interesting answers was that for the most part all of the people interviewed would not put England ahead of their own team. Being an American this seems strange to me. Everyone puts say the Men's Basketball team for the Olympics ahead of their own team and same with football/soccer.

I also found that the question about being sickened by something you've witnessed provided a lot of interesting answers. I'd say as a whole they do not like it when "fans" are the victims of hooligans, they feel it should just be hooligan on hooligan violence. A few of them also mentioned the Liverpool disaster at Hillsborough in 1989 which 96 fans were killed and 766 were injured.

As apposed to most hooligans I really felt that for these people it wasn't about being violent and not really caring about the match and football it was a life style choice that they had made and it was more important in some cases that their own family.

This is a must read if you are interested in this kind of thing.

The particular issue I have is the first paperback printing done in 2005 by John Blake Publishing of London, UK.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Slept on his Arms Last Night - Vacant Lot (Canadian TV Show)

I think the show Vacant Lot only lasted one season. I used to have them all on VHS, but who knows what happened to them, as I never have been good at marking my old VHS tapes. Anyhow, I think this is one of the funniest songs I've ever heard in my life and the video is hilarious. Anyone know if they actually released this as a single or anything?


Brian Guy

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stephen Colbert with the Black Belles - Charlene II (I'm Over You) 7" (Review Only)

Okay I am sure that if you live in the states you know who Stephen Colbert is, if not he plays a fake conservative commentator on Comedy Central. He has also authored a couple of books, so now we have a seven inch record with the Black Belles from the UK.

When I first looked at the cover I thought this Stephen Colbert was with a bunch of Michael Jackson impersonators then I realized it was a group called the Black Belles. The back of the record looks like a scene from that horrible movie "The Blair Witch Project." But I bought it anyways. I figured if Stephen Colbert is involved it had to be worth a laugh or two.

The Steven Colbert side of the record is pretty funny in a creepy sort of way. Basically it's about a stalker who has decided (sort of) to stop stalking the object of his obsession. It reminds me of something that Dr. Demento would love for his show.

The Black Belles side of the record "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)" really did nothing for me. I just couldn't get into it, it was just boring.

Over all not a bad little piece of plastic.

This was a co-release of Comedy Central and Third man Records, from 2011.


Brian Guy

The United Miscellany - John White (book review)

I have to admit that I'm pretty new to the football (soccer) world so I don't know as much as a lot of people so this was a pretty interesting read for me.

This has a lot of pretty short entries some a short as a sentence some take up the whole page, but if there is anything to read about Manchester United it's in this book.

Everything from the Munich disaster that killed eight Manchester players and quite a few media types to the team's humble start in 1878 by railway workers for Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway formed the team as Newton Heath. They called themselves the Heathens. There are also a lot of stories on George Best, who also did the forward to the book, Denis Law, Sir Alex Ferguson, David Beckham and a host of others.

If you are a Man U. fan this is a must have book for you.

This is the third edition and was published in 2008 by Carlton Books Ltd., London


Brian Guy

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wrestler "Hangman"Bobby Jaggers dead at 64

I just learned today "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers passed away on this passed Sunday, September 30th of renal failure complications from Hepatitis C, that he contracted during his tours of duty in Vietnam.

Bobby Jaggers was born Robert F. Jeaudoin in 1948 in Vancouver, WA. After serving in Vietnam he started wrestling  after meeting Sandy Barr.  He started as a "brother" of Lonnie Mayne being called Bobby Mayne but he is probably best known as "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers.

I was lucky enough to see him wrestle for Don Owen in the mid-80's when I was a teenager. At the time he was hailing from Schurtz, TX it took me a long time to find it on the map as I was spelling it as Shirts. Oh, well. 

Jaggers was quite the bleeder, and if you look closely at this picture of him to the left you will see the map of scars on his forehead from blading. 

Jaggers is probably most famous for being part of the tag team "The Kansas Jayhawks," with "Dirty" Dutch Mantell.

He retired in 1991 living in Dunlap, KS and worked as a engineering technician for the state of Kansas.

For more information into his life and career visit:

Rest in peace Bobby Jaggers.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sports Pages of the Los Angeles Times edited with Text from Bill Shirley

This is a pretty interesting book that my wife bought me a while back for my birthday and then forgot to give it to me. First off this book covers from 1883 - 1983.

The interesting thing is seeing how the coverage of sports has changed from when the Los Angeles Times started publishing and looking at how sports is covered now. It's also interesting to see what kind of sports where a lot more popular back in the day, and now don't get quite the coverage.

The earlier sports pages have a lot of auto racing, boxing, horse racing and football, there is even a story on an up coming wrestling match of "Man Mountain" Dean from 1934.

Now for my complaints:
 1. Some of the earlier pages are either so small or so smudged you can't even read what is on the pages.
2. I really wish that this had more than just the first page of the sports pages. There are a couple of articles that I would have loved to have read the whole article, but with only the front page I guess I'd be forced to look it up on line and see if I can find it. Now, I really think that this is a space issue if it had the complete sports pages it would be a lot more than the 286 oversized pages that it is.

So, I guess it's okay for a snap shot of what was going on at that particular time, but if you are looking for something with a little more depth, you will be disappointed.

This was printed in 1983 by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. of New York, NY