Saturday, September 29, 2012

Steel Toe Solution - Wrong Side of the Pond (live)

Okay, this is a live version of what I think, thanks to Bernando over and US OI of Sweden has become one of my favourite songs of all time. "Wrong Side of the Pond" is a song about people from the US thinking that they are from the UK because they use UK English when they talk. Now, I have to admit that I am one of these people who does this. My reason, My mums family is from the UK via Canada and My dad's family is from Ireland. So, that gives me an excuse, it's just my roots. If you don't like it too bad.

If you want to hear a lot clearer version of the lyrics please visit Bernando's web site and down load the album. It is really worth your wile. As this OI! band is really pretty damn good. They are from New Jersey if any one cares.


Brian Guy

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