Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Overnite While You Sleep: Western Trucking Pioneers by Ken Goudy Jr.

Back to books about the trucking industry. This is a very interesting book by Ken Goudy Jr. about trucking companies of the Pacific Northwest, and a few California companies.

This is Goudy's second book, I think. I have another one of his books which is a great book but the type set is so damn small I can barely read it without getting a headache. Lucky the typeset in this book is a lot better.

There is a lot of history in this 112 page book, and for me it was like stepping back in time. A lot of the companies I've heard of before but there were a few that I did not know of.

I enjoyed reading about Consolidated Freightways which was based out of Portland, Or. I also find it interesting that Consolidated Freightways created Freightliner trucks to move their freight and if it wasn't for Consolidated Freightways, Freightliner trucks would not exist. I really miss seeing Consolidated Freightways rigs on the road. Garrett Freightlines is also in this book. I remember them making a lot of deliveries to the warehouse that my dad was a salesman and warehouseman at. P.I.E. Pacific Intermountain Express is the third chapter of this book I also had a friend that worked for them in the 70's if I remember right

There are a lot of other companies mentioned in the book. I really enjoyed the pictures of all the old trucks with their company colours. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the smaller trucking companies, System 99, Lee & Eastes, and Southern Pacific Truck Services.

Chapter 18, called the scrapbook is pretty cool if you ask me.

If you can find this book, by all means pick it up and add it to your trucking book collection.

This book was published in 1995 by Bennett Printing Co. of Walla Walla, WA.


Brian Guy

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