Sunday, September 2, 2012

O.V. Hirsch - The Chi-Town Fightin' Machine - Bloody Ludlow 7"

A little Labour music for Labour Day. A song by O.V. Hirsch from West Virginia and the flip side is by some folk act called The Chi-Town Fightnin' Machine.

Hope everyone has had a good Labour Day. I've been working. No rest for the wicked I guess.


Brian Guy'%20Machine%20-%20Bloody%20Ludlow%207inch.rar


  1. Used to purchase a lot of this stuff back when one of my sister tried to get me into socialism (around 12yo). Sweden is abreeding ground for these acts since we have a long history of glorifyin the workers (democratic socialist country). Got some aucostic stuff i'll throw up on fuck yeah in the future with great names such as "Support the dockworkers double LP" and "SAC evening for workers rights cassette tape". After all Joe Hill was a swede you know.

  2. I'd love to hear it, even with me considering myself a little bit of a socialist, I have to admit that after awhile some of the rhetoric just like with the RAC stuff gets kind of old after awhile.

    By the way I forgot to congratulate you and the new wife on the wedding. I was working. So, much for labour day eh?

    1. CHeers. Couldnt have had a better evening. Tons of friends and a great vibe all day. Even i danced (to EBM of all things to) and that's quite rare, sort of explains how the evening was.

      As i always say music is music and as far as i love the free market you gotta love railroadworkers with a guitar.

  3. Glad all went well for the two of you. My wife and I got married on a boat. I remember as soon as we set sail a friend of me turned to me and said,"Well you're screwed now." It was probably one of the funniest things anyone has ever said to me.

    Yeah music is music you are right about that, but I think that in some ways music like this is more punk than a lot of todays punk bands that just want to cash in on fad.


    Brian Guy