Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Honky Tonk Juke Box Special cd - va

I can't even remember where I  picked this up at, but it has some pretty funny country western songs that are not fit for the whole family.

None of the artist on this CD I have ever heard of before buying this or since: Pork & the Havana Ducks, Wolf McCall & the One Armed Bandits, Ron Davies, "Deaf" Smith & the West Texas Blues Band, Timothy P. & the Rural Route Three, Ken Carlysle, "Crow" Carroll, Dick Darmon and "Pinto" Bennett & the Famous Motel Cowboys.

I like all the songs for the most part, but a few stick out to me "Pinto" Bennett & the Famous Motel Cowboys, "Honky Tonk Asshole," is a classic song as is "Crow" Carroll's "I Gave her the Ring (She Game Me the Finger," It kind of sounds like something the Saddle Tramps would do.

This was released in 1999 on Westwood International Records, Inc., of Nashville, TN

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Brian Guy

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