Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Corb Lund - Bible on the Dash (live on CBC)

Corb Lund is a musician out of Edmonton, Alberta. I have to say I really enjoy this song a lot and hope to track down some more of him and "The Hurtin' Albertans."


Brian Guy


  1. Can bet you a hundred he is of Swedish decent... cant get more Swedish than being named Lund..... well maube if your named Ålund that is

  2. Good one. Having grown up in a small town that for some strange reason has a lot of Swedes, where there where several different families named Anderson or a variation of said name and none of them where related. You'd think I'd recognize Swedish when I see it, but I tend to get Swedish and Norwegian mixed up quite a bit. Yeah, I know that can get me an ass kicking in some places.