Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wendy O. Williams - Bump 'n' Grind DVD

This is 100% a bootleg DVD, how can I tell? Well when I looked at the DVD it's self it was totally off the shelf with no labeling or anything, so that's a good indication that this was a bootleg.

Well, the video its self is a good copy of a live show in London, UK from 1985. Lemmy makes a brief appearance for one song, "No Class," which is pretty cool considering that they recorded at least one single that I know of together so that was neat.

As for the performance you get a typical W.O.W. performance. There's a chainsaw and smashing of a TV with a sledgehammer and of course she isn't wearing much at all.

If you can find a copy of this and are a fan of W.O.W. or even the Plasmatics this is a pretty cool DVD.

I always enjoyed Wendy O. Williams if it was in a movie or with The Plasmatics or her own band. Her suicide in April 1998 was a shocker, I never thought she'd go out that way.

By the way Bernando (the person who was kind enough to talk me into doing contributing to the DU blog and starting my own) has a review of the movie, "Reform School Girls," staring Wendy O. Williams, here:

This was originally released by Rocket Media.


Brian Guy

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