Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Trucking Pioneers Book III- V by M.K. Terebecki

 Unfortunately I do not have the complete set of this series, which is too bad, as I find this kind of thing very interesting and M.K. Terebecki does a wonderful job of tracking down information on Pioneers of Trucking.

I can not find any issues with any of the three books that I have. They are all very well in detailing the history of trucking companies in the United States.

Each entry has a history of each company plus what kind of tractors and in some cases trailers they ran/run. Which is pretty interesting you can really see how things have changed. By reading this book you also can see how de-regulation of the industry really destroyed a lot of old time freight haulers which is kind of depressing, but that's progress right?

Some of the companies in these books I have never heard of before because of where I live or the fact they where long out of business before I new what semi-trucks and trucking companies were. New Penn Motor Express Inc., of Lebanon, PA, (Book III) Olson Transportation Company of Green Bay, WI (Book IV) to name a few.

The strangest thing was in book the entry for Werner Transportation Company of Minneapolis, MN.(Book V) I mistakenly thought this was Werner Trucking of Omaha, NE. Well, they are not related, but their flags look a little a like.

The thing that I found kind of depressing is how many of the names I recognized that no longer exist. Delta Lines of Emeryville, CA. (Book IV),
Transcon Lines, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA (Book III) Both of these companies delivered a lot of freight into to where my dad worked.

It was also fun reading about the history of Roadway Express of Akron, OH (which I believe has merged with Yellow) (Book V), Old Dominion Fright Lines of High Point, NC, Saia  Motor Freight Lines Inc., of Houma, LA (Both Book IV).  Since these books where written from 1993 to 1995 some of the information is somewhat out of date but this is still a great set of books with a lot of history in them and a lot of pictures with colour pictures in the middle of each book.

Book IV also has a small section on Russian Transportation which was okay, but didn't really talk about any companies but more or less bad roadways and bad equipment. It just seemed really out of place.

Over all I would recommend this series of books to anyone who has an interest in the history of the trucking companies that kept the country                                          rolling before and after deregulation.

All of these books where published by Pioneer Press of Mariettta, GA. I think that these books are still in print put kind of heard to find. I'd recommend checking out American Truck Historical Society of Birmingham, AL. They have a web site http://www.aths.org/                                                      


Brian Guy

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