Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Man Behind the Wheel LP - va

This is a pretty good truck driving album, again like the previous record posted there are a few trucking standards on this platter of wax,"Six Days on the Road," "Phantom 309," and "The Gearjammer and the Hobo."

"Phantom 309 is not called that on this record it's "Big Joe....Phantom 309" I've never seen it listed as that before not sure if that was just something Starday did or what.

The best song on this record is "What is an American," my the late Minnie Pearl. this song is as true today as it was when it was written. You'll have to download it and listen to it to get the drift of it. "The Hi Jacker" by Johnny Bond is another great song. George Morgan has a couple of songs as do The Willis Brothers. I honestly don't think you can have a trucking record from the 60's with out a song by the Willis Brothers from Oklahoma. and of course Dave Dudley and Red Sovine have a couple of songs on this to. I have to admit just like I did in the last post I am not a big fan of Tommy Hill, but I have to make an exception to that rule on this release. The song that Tommy Hill does with Pete Drake, who was an excellent musician, makes this worth wile.

This was released in 1967 on Starday of Madison, TN

Brian Guy

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