Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Classic Punk Volume 1 - v/a DVD

This is a bootleg of live performances, attempts at music videos and some short interviews of some US punk bands from mostly the 80's.

Angry Samoans start the DVD off and since I've always been a big fan I really enjoyed this. I think most of this video was from the old cable access show "New Wave Theatre." Eight Songs in total.

Wierdos have one song on this "Helium Bar."

Circle Jerks, "Wild in the Streets," more "New Wave Theatre" footage. Pretty funny because Keith Morris starts to do another song and the host wants to do an interview, and Morris just keeps on singing and the band keeps on playing for about 30 seconds or so.

The Plugz have one song, "In the Wait."

New York punkers Kraut play four songs. I have to admit I never really was into this band too much, but I think I may have to go and listen to some more of their stuff as they are really pretty good. I forgot how good the song,"Kill for Cash," is.

San Francisco via Seattle we have the Screamers doing one song "Eva Braun," which just seems to go on forever and ever. It's not bad but it just is way to long for my taste. Yeah, I know it's the Screamers and that's how they played.

San Francisco's Crime have one song, "Piss on your Dog," which is from a Target Video from 1984.

Dead Boys from Cleveland, OH originally have four songs.

The Cramps have seven songs and an interview on this DVD. I have to say It is probably the most interesting  part of the DVDs. Lux really was pretty funny when he wanted to be. Some of the Cramps footage really looks like it came from the late 80's maybe even early 90's, but I'm really not sure.

X have a music video of "Because I Do." Which is pretty interesting in black and white.

Gears do "Elk's Lodge Hall."

45 Grave have four songs including two versions of "Wax." I forgot how much I liked 45 Grave. Diana Cancer really is pretty. I wonder if she's the reason why I have a thing for Goth girls. This is another band that I really need to listen to more of because they really do rock out.

UXA have one song "Paranoia is Freedom," which is really good.

We finish up with Fear doing seven songs. It looks like this was cleaned up video DVR'd off of Comedy Central. I always enjoyed Fear as the fan baiting was pretty fucking hilarious if you ask me.

For a bootleg that most of the footage is almost 30 years old this isn't bad. There where parts that you could tell that the VHS tape that it was ripped from was pretty worn-out and makes it hard to watch and hear for a couple of seconds here and there but still, it's worth it to me to just remember what these bands used to look like and how they sound.

Yeah, I know I am old.

Good luck finding this.


Brian Guy

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