Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Anthrax (NY) - Black Lodge 7"

I was really stoked when I found this little seven inch record earlier this year and was kind of ticked off when I thought I had lost it, but now that I found it and actually listened to it, I kind of wish it had stayed lost.

This has John Bush of vocals, he was with the band Armoured Saint before joining Anthrax. Now, I have to admit I was never impressed with him as a singer. Armoured Saint had one song "Can You Deliver," which was a great song, but that's about the only song they did that I liked.

When I bought this I thought this had Joey Belladonna on vocals so I was kind of disappointed to start with but the that was just the start of my disappointment, as the songs are just boring as all hell and go on way to long. So, I am not going to throw all of this musical abortion on John Bush. The band just seems to be going thru the motions on this release, which is a damn shame because I really enjoyed a lot of their earlier releases.

Oh well that's the way it goes.


Brian Guy

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