Wednesday, August 15, 2012

924 Gilman compiled by Brian Edge

I was so thrilled when I picked up this book when it first came out. I have/had heard so much about 924 Gilman St, in Maximum Rock n Roll and from other punks that it was an "how can this go wrong?" type of moment. Well, I was wrong.

The book it's self I bet is excellent.  Well, what I read I really liked, however I only got to page 109, because every-time I turned a page the page would fall out. I don't know who the hell was in charge of the binding of this book but they did a half-ass job to say the least.

There is nothing fun about trying to read a book that the pages fall out randomly or in this case every-time you turn a page. I know this was a MRR thing and all but, damn it this is totally unacceptable and made what should have been a really fun read pure hell. I know MRR is volunteer and everything but have they not heard of quality control?

I know I am not the only person that has had this issue with the book. It would be great if they republish it correctly the next time so I'm not having to try and make sure that I'm not going to lose a page here and there.

Wondering what everyone else out there who has read or attempted to read this book thinks.


Brian Guy

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