Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Truck Stop Love - Stagnation 7"

Happy Boxing Day!!!

Rock and Roll from Manhattan, KS

Not sure when this was released or who released it, but I have a feeling it was a self release.

Like the b-side more so than Stagnation, but still not bad.


Brian Guy

Monday, December 24, 2012

Mick Foley's Christmas Chaos - Mick Foley (Illustrations by Jerry"the King"Lawler

A Christmas story by Mick Foley aka Cactus Jack aka Mankind aka Dude Love (did I forget any of his ring names?) Illustrated by Jerry"the King"Lawler.

First off I'm a big fan of Mick Foley and Jerry Lawler. I've read both of their autobiographies and found them wonderful.

Get well Jerry Lawler, sorry to hear about your heart-attack.

Now on to the book, poor Santa the elves don't respect him, the reindeer threaten to sue him and even Mrs Claus can't give him the time of day because "Raw is War," is on.

If was was Santa I'd have butchered the elves and made reindeer stew, but then again I guess I'm not a nice guy. Coal for me this year I guess.

So Mrs. Claus calls Vince McMahon and he sends up some wrestlers to straight everything out.

Nothing seems to be working to make Santa happy, he tries reading letters from kids and they are all a bunch of greedy bastards that want more and more, but then he finds a letter from a burn victim that really doesn't want anything from Santa except Santa. Santa feels rejuvenated and everything is right with Christmas again.

So, what did I think of this book? Well there is a lot of dropping of wrestlers names in the book, yeah I know shocking, but it's not that bad. Jerry Lawler is a hell of an artist and really makes the pictures come to live. The story is predictable with a happy ending. The names of some of the elves seemed a little weird like Tommy Top who runs around naked and Billy Bop the smallest elf. Sounds like something from porno. I'd say this is more of a book for young adults and adults than kids, but maybe that's just me.

Side note is the burn victim is a real person Antonio Freitas of Lawrence, MA.

Printed by Regan Books not sure when.


Brian Guy

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everybody, I planned on doing something completely different for Christmas, but I ran out of time so these two songs will have to do.


Brian Guy

Friday, December 21, 2012

Henrietta Collins and the Wifebeating Childhaters - Drive By Shooting 12" ep

Repost from Down Underground:

This was a Henry Rollins side project from 1986. I have always loved this ep. I don't think there is a bad song on this. Released on Texas Hotel in 1987.
I have re-taged the songs Enjoy.


Brian Guy

Tex Morton - Australian Ballads LP

Repost from Down Underground:
This is Robert William Lane aka Tex Morton who was born in Nelson, NZ and in the late 1930's emigrated to Australia. Tex was a pioneer in Australian country music and died in 1983. This is a little like Stompin' Tom in an abstract way, this album is basically just ballads. The Song Kevin Barrie has also been covered by Stompin Tom so I guess that's a little bit of a connection there. This is not for everyone and there's probably a lot of people wondering why the hell I would post this here, well all I have to say is I have a diverse interest in music, and I hope people give this a chance if it's not your cup of tea that's fine. This was released by Universal Record Club PTY LTD, Pyrmont, NSW in around 1965 or so.


Brian Guy

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reposting Links

I am currently trying to go thru and update any links that where lost when my mediafire account was shut off. If anyone has any request for stuff to be updated please leave me a message and we will see what I can do.

So far I have reposted the Honky Tonk Juke Box Special cd


Brian Guy

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dead Kennedys The Unauthorized Version by Marian Kester

It was Christmas of 1991 when I was given this book as a present from a dear friend (Hello Michelle"Mitch"Walch hope all is okay in your life), all was well with the world, the Dead Kennedys hadn't fallen apart and became the joke that they would become years later.

I loved this book it was probably one of the best presents I have ever gotten. I have to admit that the Dead Kennedys along with Black Flag and the Circle Jerks really got me interested in punk from being the metal head I was at the time, so DKs really meant a lot to me.

Now about the book. It was written by Marian Kester and edited by F-stop Fitzgerald and covers the band up until 1990 which is when this edition was published.

This book covers a lot of ground from the individual band members, Jello's run for mayor of San Francisco, Jello's wedding to Therese Soder, the music behind DKs, plus a lot more.

Looking back at this book for the first time in a long time, it really brings back a lot of memories, back when punk meant something a lot different to me. It seemed pure it was the punks against the world, now I don't feel that way. I feel like punk has gone the same way as the hippies. We have become our own worst enemy and sold our souls and have became a marketing tool. When I hear punk songs of my youth being used to whore out products on TV it kind of makes me sick.

Back to the book. Another great thing about the book is the pictures just really capture a very special place in time.

I believe that this book is back in print. If you liked the DKs go out and get a copy or ask for it for Christmas.

Third Edition released by Last Gasp of San Francisco, CA.


Brian Guy

Son of Pete and the Automatic Band - Mankind 7"

Okay I have no information on this band, all I can say is this is the strangest thing I have ever heard in my life.

If anyone out there knows anything about this band, please let me know, I'd love to find out what kind of person would put this out.

When I first saw this in a record store I really didn't know what to make of it it kind of looked Oi!ish maybe country western I wasn't sure. Well, this is more like crazy drugged out hippy music.

Side one "Mankind," sounds like the chipmunks but I think the animal is supposed to be a duck, but not really sure.

Side two "Ms Nell tied to the rail road tracks and saved," I have to admit I pretty much blanked out on it. Very strange are the best words I can use to describe this record.

This was released on Beserkley records in 1976


Brian Guy

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Elvis Costello by David Sheppard

This book is part of the "Kill Your Idols," series. I enjoyed this book for what it was and learned a lot about Declan MacManus aka Elvis Costello, but at the same time I really wanted more information. I guess I can sum it up this way,"There was a lot of meat but no gravy."

You get the basic information form his birth but very little about his childhood or anything that isn't music carrier related, which to me was kind of a let down. I don't need to hear everything about his live outside of music, but a little more information outside of his marriages would have been nice.

This book is divided into three parts: 1. The Story 2. The Music 3. The Legacy.

I really didn't get into Elvis Costello until about a year ago when I started picking up the odd single here and there and enjoyed what I heard and have be came more impressed with the more I listened to his music.

This book did clear up a few things and how his musical changed through out the years. Here is a guy who started out as part of punk, but incorporated Americana, Pop and a lot of other types of music now that's pretty cool. Also take into the fact a lot of the early punks became basically dead, burn outs, sell outs or jokes of there former selves, and Costello didn't do that.

So, If you are looking for a quick read this is a book for you.

Published on Thunder Mouth Press of New York and London in 2000.


Brian Guy

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Redneck Tug of War

Well, the Hanukah post are over so, lets have some redneck sporting events.
Watching this kind of makes me think of where I grew up. I think if any of us had thought of this we'd have done the same thing these guys did.


Brian Guy

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stories from Jewish Portland by Polina Olsen

Okay it's the final day of Hanukkah hope you've enjoyed what I've done with the blog for the last eight days.

I have to admit that i am not Jewish. In fact I never even knew a Jewish person until I went to college and took history classes from Dr. Donald Epstein who was originally from Brooklyn, NY. He was a great instructor and I enjoyed his style of teaching.

My wife who is really the best thing that ever happened to me is however Jewish and this holiday of the oil celebration is for here and her loving parents who have accepted this agnostic as one of their own.

So, onto the book. This book has stories from Jews in Portland, Oregon. As a former Oregonian I have to say I found this pretty interesting, of course I like history.

There is so much in this book even though it's a pretty compact book. Seems like junk dealer and recyclers where a lot of common jobs of early Jews in Portland. Some became pretty successful. There where also Jewish Groceries, butchers and all other professions you could think of.

Basically if you are interested in the history of Jews in Portland, Oregon, pick this book up an enjoy some history.

Published by The History Press of Charleston, SC 2011


Brian Guy

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Big Book of Jewish Baseball: An Illustrated Encyclopedia & Anecdotal History by Peter S. Horvitz & Joachim Horvitz

Okay it's day seven and it's time for something different a book on Jewish Baseball players, umpires and what not.

Believe it or not Sandy Koufax was not the only Jew to play baseball. The first Jewish baseball player was Lipman Pike of the Troy, NY Haymakers and there have been many after him.

I was surprised by some of the players that are Jewish. Bo Belinsky (I don't even remember him talking about being Jewish in his autobiography, of course I read it back when I was a teenager), Jose Bautista, Lou Boudreau, Mike LaCross, Shawn Green to name a few.

There are also some other notable Jewish Players Hank Greenberg, Ron Bloomberg (if I remember right he was the first DH to actually come to bat in an AL game), Moe Berg and quite a few more.

The book is divided into ten chapters featuring anything from minor and major league players, umpires, Jewish league Officials and club executives and a lot more.

Released in 2001 by S.P.I Books of New York, NY


Brian Guy

Thursday, December 13, 2012

David Steinberg - Disguised as a Normal Person LP

Day Six brings us David Steinberg from Winnipeg, MB (You really didn't think I'd go thru this without including at least one Canadian did you?) .

I have to admit I had never heard of David Steinberg before I bought this record and I have to say that I really enjoyed this record even if some of the material like Richard Nixon is kind of dated, but it's still pretty funny.

of all the tracks the only one that I didn't like was the phone call which was a skit of someone calling in while they where recording the record, it just seemed out of place.

The rest of the record is fantastic and I would really recommend it.
Released on Elektra in 1970.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Benny Bell - Jewish-American Novelty Tunes Kosher Comedy LP

Day Five brings us Benny Bell who I know nothing about at all.

These are some pretty good songs in both Yiddish and English. "Sammy from Miami," is probably the best song on this.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Myron Cohen - America's Funniest Storyteller at His Best LP

Okay day four featuring Myron Cohen who was involved in the garment industry in New York City before he got into comedy.

To be quite honest, if he's America's Funniest Storyteller, I'd hate to hear the worst. There are a few funny stories on this album but for the most part I just wasn't really that impressed at all.

The best story is "Scissors Story." It makes the record the rest are just okay in my opinion.

Sorry Myron, I just didn't find you funny.

Released in 1960 on Audio Fidelity Inc. of NYC.


Brian Guy

Monday, December 10, 2012

Frank Gallop - Would You Believe - - Frank Gallop Sings LP

Okay third day and we are going to have some music by Frank Gallop who was born in 1900 in Boston, MA.

Frank Gallop is probably most well known for his song "The Ballad of Irving," which was played on Dr. Dementos show for many a year.

This Album does not feature that song, but it does have the sequel of the song "The Son of Irving," which is pretty funny, maybe not as good as the first song but still pretty good.

Other great songs are "Pittsburgh Penthouse," "The Man I Love," and "Cigarettes, Whiskey & Wild Wild Women," a song I swear that Benny Hill did.

The other songs on this are okay, but not really funny or anything special. Covers of "Impossible Dream," and the song "What a Man," are just boring to me.

Released on Musicor in 1966.


Brian Guy

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sam Moss - I am Curious (Jewish) LP

Happy 2nd day of Hanukkah!!!

Okay this is some truly funny stuff. Sam Moss from Baltimore, MD.

There is some risk ay stuff here, but most of it is for the whole family. All the short little tales are funny, some of them I've heard before others I have not, but this is worth having just for "the Rabbi and the House" and "Toilet Seat Cover" a lot of the other ones are funny too.

Released on Earth Records of New York, NY


Brian Guy

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dr. Murray Banks - Tells Jewish Stories MIT Psychology in English and Yiddish LP

So it's the first night of Hanukkah and I've decided to do a post for every night of the holiday. So, Happy Hanukkah for everyone who is celebrating the holiday.

Kicking things off with Dr. Murray Banks, who has been  professor in psychology at Long Beach University, and Pace College in New York City.

This would be a lot funnier if I actually knew Yiddish, but even at that it still has its funny moments.

Released on Murmill Associates New York, NY


Brian Guy

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Olyslager Auto Library: Wreckers & Recovery Vehicles - Compiled by Olyslager Organisation

An interesting little book covering the history of auto wreckers from the start of the history of automobiles thru the early 1970's.

Not surprisingly a lot of the first wreckers where basically cars being towed by other cars or model T pickups.

Doesn't seem like specialty wreckers really came into existence until after the first world war.

With heaver cars wreckers needed more power and stability, which meant a lot more heavy duty vehicles being made and used.

I enjoyed the couple of pictures of people converting regular sedans and pickups into wreckers, very interesting.

This book was researched by Denis N. Miller and edited by Bart H Vanderveen and was published by Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd. of London and New York in 1972

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Rockinbirds - Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad 7"

Countryfied music from London, England. I have to admit that when I think of country music, I generally don't think of England. When I think of England I think of Punk and Oi!

When I bought this seven inch record, I didn't know anything about the band that recorded it, I just had a pretty good idea that it was country or rockabilly.

Well, it's country and the band is from London, and apparently after a long hiatus is back together again.

Both songs are covers which I kind of have a great love of for some strange reason and both of these covers are excellent.

Released on Clawfist in 1991.


Brian Guy

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kids in the Hall - Cow kick to the head

I've always loved the Canadian show Kids in the Hall, the humour is right up my alley.

This particular skit I've always found pretty funny especially the line at the end,"It always worked on the Flintstones."


Brian Guy

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bobby Wayne - The Letter 7"

I was kind of surprised when I listen this as I am used to Bobby Wayne having a more rockabilly sound and this is more or less straight up country western.

Bobby Wayne is from Spokane, WA and recorded a lot of different styles from what I can gather from the Internet from Country to rock and roll. I'm not sure exactly when this was released on the Jerden label, but I'm thinking mid to late 60's.

"The Letter," is a song about getting a letter from your woman saying she's dumping you. I know how many people get a dear John letter these days, I think it's a dear John Text or Email. This one has a interesting ending, but I'm not going to give it away.

The flipside is "Uncle Sam's Got My Number," which is a song about getting drafted, kind of a Vietnam draft song I'm guessing. Another thing that doesn't happen anymore.

Good little seven inch here.


Brian Guy

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ray Condo - Sweet Love on My Mind 7"

Repost from Down Underground. I also fixed the tags  on this.

I was turned onto Ray Condo by one of my good friends and Co-workers who has turned me on to a lot of good rockabilly and when he loaned me a Ray Condo CD, I can't remember which one but, I instantly became a fan of this Canadian nomad.

Ray Tremblay aka Ray Condo was born in Hull, Quebec but grew up in Ottawa. He played in a few punk bands from Montreal to British Columbia and then moved on to rockabilly with several different bands.

For more information check this out on wiki

Okay, now on to this little seven inch platter. I am not sure that this was a legit release or a bootleg. It was released in 2004 which was the same year that Ray Condo past away from a heart attack in Vancouver, BC. It seems to be a tribute of sorts, which in my opinion is pretty cool. There are two songs of rockabilly delight on this, that sound a little Elvis like, which is okay I guess as I am not a big Elvis fan.

Released on Ray Condo Records.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Sasquatch File by John Green

I saw this in a local used book store and decided even though I'm not really into the whole bigfoot/sasquatch thing, there was something about this book that I found very interesting because it involves cryptozoology which I've always enjoyed reading about.

In this book we basically have reports of signings from the Untied States and Canada up until 1972.

I guess my major complaint on this book is that the reports are pretty short, normally just one or two sentences, it would have been nice if we had a little more detail. There are a couple of reports that actually use the newspaper clippings, which was nice but they were really hard to read. I understand some of the reports were ages old even when the book was published which probably didn't help matters much.

I do think the book is a valuable piece of work of trying to catalogue reports of Sasquatch, but like I said before more detail would have been nice.

The book is dedicated to none other that Roger Patterson who was responsible for the now pretty much accepted faking of a bigfoot siting on the Klamath River near Orleans, California. Now, does that mean that we should assume that everything in this book is false because of that? No, I don't think so. I think it's something to just add to the mix.

If you can find this book, I'd say pick it up and give it a good read if you are into bigfoot.

This was published in 1973 by Cheam Publishing Ltd, Agassiz, BC

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fire Apparatus Photo Album of the Greenfield Village Musters by Mae M. Martin

I have always liked Fire Trucks and Police vehicles. It probably has to do with the fact that growing up several of my neighbours were volunteer fire fighters for the local fire department and knowing police officers . I will always have the image of the school bus yellow Ford Pickup that the chief drove stuck in my head, I may have a picture of it laying around some place, maybe I'll scrounge around for it. I also had an uncle that was part of the Fire Department in Mill City, Oregon until he was run over and killed by his brother in-law who was driving the water tender to a car accident. At least Uncle Clyde died doing something he loved.

Anyways back to the book, this has pictures of fire trucks starting with a 1916 Ahrens-Fox 750 GPM model K-4 Fire truck to a 1970 Ford F-350 Rescue Squad Ambulance from Dearborn Heights, MI.

Lots of history are in the pictures on this book you can really see how fire engines and fire fighting equipment has changed over the years, which is pretty fascinating.

The strange thing about this book is I thought when I first bought it  at a used book store, it was from a museum, but it isn't I'm not sure who or what the Greenfield Village Musters are, and doing a quick search on the web didn't really provide much information and I'm not sure they even exist anymore.

If you like fire trucks then keep a look out for this book.

This book was released by The Visiting Fireman, Naperville, IL in 1984


Brian Guy

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Patriotic Sprits and Military Ghosts on the Mississippi: Ghost of Jefferson Barracks History & Hauntings of Old St. Louis by David Goodwin

I think this probably takes the cake for the longest book title I've seen in a long time.

That aside this is a very interesting book not just about the ghost, but also the history of Jefferson Barracks. I find this very refreshing, having a basic history of an area is pretty unusual for a book on ghost and I think helps set up any potential haunting that may be going on.

It's not until chapter five that you actually get to the ghost stories of the barracks and here is where it kind of loses me. Yeah the ghost stories are interesting and I think author David Goodwin really knows what he's talking about, he's not a ghost book charlatan just trying to cash in on some rumored hauntings, but the fact that there is absolutely no real attempt to figure out who the ghost of the post maybe left me kind of "wow that's a nice story but, since you have all this history, some research on who the ghost might be would have been nice." There is only one instance where he states that one of the ghost in the Old Post section of the Jefferson Barracks who he thinks is 18 month old Elizabeth Ann Lash who was buried 1827. The only problem with this is the ghost seems to sound a little older than 18 months old, which he does state that they did discover some unidentified children's remains in the cemetery and the ghost may not be of Lash. Other than that there really isn't much research into who the ghost are but there is a lot of information on the barracks its self.

Over all this is an interesting book and pretty well done. I love the history, just would have liked a little more history of who the ghost might be. If you are interested in old military installations and ghost, this book is for you.

This was published by Whitechapel  Productions Press Publications of Alton, IL 2001


Brian Guy

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Veterans/Remembrance Day Post

This is for all of the veterans of all of the wars that have been fought by the US, Canada, Australia. the UK and any others that I have forgot that fought in World War I & II and all other wars that have come since then.
Even if I may not agree with some of the wars that have been fought, I believe in supporting the people that fought in the wars.
This day and song is for you.

Brian Guy

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Wrong Way to Tow a Semi

A friend of mine sent this to me and since I love trucks and all I felt that I needed to post this.

I have the feeling some people lost their jobs over this little fiasco. Apparently this happened in Norway. This is a brown trousers moment if there ever is one.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is that all there is?

Here just two versions of the same song "Is that all there is?" I love this song and always have.
I have to admit that I heard the Cristina Monet version on R.O.T.R. first and instantly fell in love with this song, it's a messed up song, but it's very positive and I guess it's the way I try and look at things. I may not be the most positive person in the world but I think that some times when the things aren't going right you have to ask your self "is that all there is?"

I also have Peggy Lee's version of this song and it's just as good as the Cristina Monet version.

Christine's version has been a little more updated than, Peggy Lee's version well listen to them for yourself if you dare. Enjoy the vids.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Frankie & the Mutations - That Dang Bomb 7"

I know nothing about this band other than they appear to be from Omaha, NE.

Really strange country music type of thing, the b-side is in Russian supposedly. Since I don't know Russian I guess someone will have to tell me.

Not sure if this is some kind of anti-nuclear war thing or what.

There are a couple of small skips on the a side, that I hope don't ruin the experience.

Hope someone has some information on this band and can shed some life on it.

Released in 1985.

Brian Guy

Pacific Northwest Truck Museum: Brooks, Oregon

If you love semi-trucks the way I do this is a museum for you. Unfortunately they are closed for until April 1st.

It is located out side of Salem, Oregon in the town of Brooks, Oregon. The address is on the brochure, which I hope that if you are interested you down load it and become a member of the organization.

I really enjoyed this museum as it really shows you the evolution of trucks and trucking. They have a lot of different trucks and not all of them are semis there are also a host of other commercial trucks there even an old hearse.

Kind of like the movie "field of dreams," where the question is asked,"is this heaven?" Well, if you love trucks this is your version of heaven.


Brian Guy

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daffy Duck for President written and Illustrated by Chuck Jones

Here is some light hearted political satire if you will from Chuck Jones. I have to admit I watched a lot of hours of Chuck Jones illustrated cartoons when I was a kid, and even now if I get bored I've been known to still watch a cartoon or two.

When I saw this book many years ago, and I can't even where I found it, I said to myself this "I must get this." I think I paid a couple of bucks for it so it didn't break the bank.

The book is just like it says Daffy Duck is running for President.

Daffy is running on a campaign to outlaw rabbits, meaning yes Bugs Bunny is involved. Bugs then explains to Daffy that the President can't actually pass laws and that it's congress that passes laws. So, Daffy decides to run for Congress and gets elected.

Of course all the other members of congress laugh at the idea of a hunting season for rabbits that is 365 days a year. Daffy seems kind of confused by the whole idea of "Majority Rule."

Bugs also explains to Daffy that even if a law is past it's up to the supreme court to interpret the laws. Poor Daffy just can't win. Daffy asks the age old question, "WHO'S RUNNING THIS COUNTRY, ANYWAY?" and as Bugs Bunny says it's we the citizens.

A very lovely little book that is for kids, but really is entertaining for all. I also like that it's educational.

Trivia according to this book Daffy's middle name is Delano and he lives in Long Island.

Published in 1997 by Warner Brothers and the United States Postal Service.


Brian Guy

Slinging Mud: Rude Nicknames, Scurrilous Slogans and Insulting Slang from Two Centuries of American Politics by Rosemarie Ostler

Well, Halloween is over and here in the states we are winding down in this years election campaign and I have to say I'm ready for it to be over with.

Now I'm kind of a political junkie and even I'm close to my breaking point. I am so tired of being inundated with political bullshit from both sides. My wife and I voted about a week ago and we are still getting mailers from a cornucopia of politicians and my email box isn't much better. Lies, lies and more lies. Hence the review of this book.

If you thought that dirty politics and elections are a new thing it isn't. It's been going on since the founding fathers. It's just now with the internet, twitter and texting it's just a lot quicker to get that mud slinging faster.

So, if you want to take your mind off of what's going on today and focus on mudslinging from 1824 to 2008, this is the book for you.

Slinging Mud is divided into eight eras:

King Mob: The Jacksonian Era 1824-1848
Doughfaces and Copperheads: The Antebellum Period and the Civil War 1852-1868
Carpetbaggers and Boodlers: Reconstruction and the Guilded Age 1872-1896
The Lunatic Fringe: The Age of Reform, World War I and the 1920s 1900-1928
Hoovervilles and Bleeding Hearts: The Great Depression and World War II 1932-1948
Peacenicks: Postwar America and the 1960s 1952-1968
Beltway Bandits: Watergate and After 1972-1988
Latte Liberals and Wingnuts 1992-2008

This is a good book and a great look at presidential elections in the USA.

Published by Perigee Books of New York, NY in 2011


Brian Guy

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween.....!!!!

I love halloween so here is one of my favourites for Halloween this beats the hell (not a pun) out of Charlie Brown's Halloween special. This was a British sitcom bottom featuring Adrian Edmonson and Rik Mayhall. It's hilarious (unless your my wife, then it's horrible.)

Enjoy their trick or treating, failed party, and an attempt to conjure the devil with hilarious results.

If you are partaking in trick or treating stay safe.


Brian Guy

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ghost Books from My Youth

 Okay it's close to Halloween here in the states and I have to admit it's one of my favourite holidays. Ghost and the supernatural have fascinated me since I was a very little kid. I have to admit that my ideas and views of ghost or parapsychology as its called now have changed quite a bit. I used to believe every ghost story that I was told, but now I have to say I am more skeptical. Do I still believe in ghost? Yeah, but I don't think every haunting is actually a spirit or supernatural and don't even get me started on  the orbs bullshit.

So,  here are some of the first ghost books I ever read and I've read a lot in fact I collect them just like I collect records. Yes, I am a pack rat. Just ask my wife.

True Ghosts Stories was probably the first book I ever read on ghost. There's the story of the Grey man who is seen before hurricanes in Pawney Island, SC, a phantom hitchhiker story from Columbia, SC and Ouija board story from Dallas, TX plus quite a few more stories. I really loved                                                                                
this book as a kid, it scared me quite a bit, but it was very attractive to me and really got me interested in ghost.
Edited by Pat McCarthy and long out of print by Xerox Education Publications of Middletown, CT 1974

Next is Dynamite Book of Ghost and Haunted Houses by Margaret Ronan. I remember reading Dynamite Magazine a lot when I was a kid. They always had Topps baseball cards in one of the spring issues every year, man I loved that.

So, when I saw this book in the book order list that we used to get handed out to us from Scholastic, I think it was them doesn't really matter, I knew I had to order this book.

I loved this book from the get go. The stories scared the crap out of my the story of Walking Otto of New Orleans, was a story that I read may times. It is a story of a guy with two wooden legs who
Befriends a little girl and after he is murdered he comes back to her and gives her evidence that leads to his killers being brought to justice. The Haunted Church about a old haunted church outside of Syracuse, NY used to scare me pretty good too. Basically a lady was very devote, but slowly lost her mind and was kicked out of the church. She hung herself in the church and came back to haunt it. Creepy shit for a 10 year old kid. There's a phantom hitch hiker story from Honolulu, HI. It seems like all of these books have a phantom hitch hiker story in it.

This was published in 1980 by Scholastic Paperbacks of New York, NY.

Last on my list, is Haunted Houses by Larry Kettelkamp. This has a very famous photo on the front of it from a haunted house in Greenwich, London. I think this photo has been proven as a fake, but can't remember for sure. The Photo is of the Tulip Staircase taken by Reverend R.W. and Mrs. Hardy. in 1968.

The Tower of London haunting is covered pretty well in this book at least for a little kid it is. The Borley Rectory haunting of which there is a lot of information out there on it is covered briefly. My favourite ghost story in this book is the one about a ghost sighting in a library in Lincoln, NE. Seems a gal saw the ghost of a phantom librarian putting a book on the shelf and it happened to be at about the same time and day that a librarian died at that same spot in the late 30's.

This was another Xerox Books published in 1969.

So, there you have it three ghost books that I enjoyed as a child. When I was younger there was the occasional story on TV about ghost and now there are a lot of shows on TV on the subject of ghost. I'm not going to name, names or anything but some of the shows I think are really well done, and others are total garbage, that make me shake my head and go,"That's complete Bullshit you are either a fraud or an idiot." I guess it's all in what you want to believe right?

Happy Halloween,

Brian Guy

Monday, October 22, 2012

West Coast Country: Independent Label C&W of the '50-'70's v/a - cs

A bootleg cassette what a novel thing in this day and age. I am happy that cassettes are making a comeback.

This covers just what it says West Coast Country.

There are some heavy hitters from the annals of country music.

Most of the other artist on this compilation are completely unknown to me, but seems to be heavy on labels from Oregon and Washington. If you like old country this is really worth your time to take a listen to.


Brian Guy Coast Country ; Independent Label C&W of the _50s - 70s cs - va.rar

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Was a Teenage Murder Junkie: The Last Days of GG Allin by Evan Cohen

This is a book written by Evan Cohen who traveled with GG Allin on his last tour of the U.S. before his death from a heroin overdose.

I really enjoyed this book, it's a quick read that is full of everything that you can think of on a GG Allin tour: Drugs, Sexual deviance, Violence against fans, a chronic masturbating drummer, and Johnny Cash.

The book starts with them standing beside their broken down tour van and it's all down hill from there. I have to say if I knew nothing about GG Allin I'd say that this had to be a work of fiction, but having followed him since the late 80's, I knew it was the real deal.

While this book talks about the tour Cohen talks a lot about how he kind of changes along the way in the tour and gets used to the debauchery that he sees and how much he really misses New York City. I love the quote from him when they are getting questioned by the Police after GG Allin was exposing himself in a McDonalds, ""What's a nice Jewish kid like me doing in a place like this?"

Cohen also talks about the different kinds of GG Allin fans:
1. The group that showed up to see if it was for real or not and stood in the back.
2. The group that tried to get as close to GG Allin as possible during a show but ran like hell when ever he got near them.
3. The group that really enjoyed having GG Allin abuse them and would stay up front no matter what happened.

To me the most interesting part of the book wasn't the band being chased around the country by a couple of female groupies with rich parents or the motel destruction, but the trip to Branson, MO. the most wholesome  place in all of country music.

You see a different side of GG Allin, getting an autograph from Johnny Cash and telling Cash's daughter how much he loved her dad. I can't even imagine what the people sitting next to him during the Cash show where thinking. I always knew that GG Allin liked country music he did a couple covers of Hank Williams Jr. songs and I have a couple of 45's of him doing acoustic country songs, so he was a little deeper than just some freak on stage running around naked, beating people up and taking a shit on stage and then throwing it at his audience, he actually had another side to him, one that seemed a little more mellow.

The book doesn't end at the end of the tour, there is an Epilogue in which Cohen finds out from Merle Allin, GG's brother, that GG Allin has died after a show due to a lot of drug use during the day before his demise. Cohen also describes the funeral, I actually have a VHS copy of the funeral that a friend of mine bought me for my birthday one year, and how it was a normal funeral nothing outrageous.

I doubt if this book, that comes with a CD, is still in print, but if you are a fan of GG Allin you really need to get this book.

This book was put out by Recess Records of Torrance, CA in 1999.

Rest in peace GG you deserve it.

Brian Guy

The Darlin's - Take Me Dancing 7"

This is some pretty good country and western here. Judy Toy and Suzanne Sherwin are the Darlin's.

I had a hard time really finding any information out about this band or it's members until I started looking at Judy Toy's band history. She has been with the Creamers, a band that never really did much for me and The Superkools a band that if I remember right I actually liked. As for Suzanne Sherwin, I can not find any other bands that she has played with.

So, I guess this is an Los Angeles area band, not that it makes much difference. I do think it's funny that instead of SFTRI on the back it's Sympathy for Nashville, Tennessee. I guess I'm easily amused.

I really enjoyed this little 45. It's straight up country western sounds like something from the 70's or '80's not from the 90's. If you like more traditional sounding country you should enjoy this. Both songs are basically songs about love gone wrong. I know how unusual for country music.

This was released in 1992 on SFTRI. the - Take Me Out Dancing 7inch.rar

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

God Less America - Country & Western fer all ye Sinners 'n' Sufferers 1955 -1966 LP - va

Repost from Down Underground:

This is compilation has the most messed up songs that you will never hear on your local country music station. I love this album for a lot of different reasons: 1. I love old Country Western 2. I like songs that are a little off beat and that's what this is. Songs about serial killers, drunks, killers and dregs of society.
At least two of the songs on this compilation have been covered by other artists, The Cowslingers did Too Many Pills and T. Tex Edwards covered Dolores, I am not sure which versions I like more.
This was released by Crypt in 1995. Thanks to discos for the scans, since I didn't have the time to scan my copy.
I hope that people give this a chance, because it deserves it. I'm not going to list the bands and artist that appear on this because I'd be willing to bet that you haven't heard of them, Lord knows I only recognized a handful of names on this.


Brian Guy Less America - Country & Western fer all ye Sinners _n_ Sufferers 1955 -1966 LP - va.rar

Wicked Portland: The Wild and Lusty Underworld of a Frontier Seaport Town by Finn J.D. John

I've been reading a lot of books lately on the history of towns and cities of the Pacific Northwest. I've read Skid Row: An Informal Portrait of Seattle by Murray Morgan, and the very good and entertaining book Sons of the Profits or There's no Business like Grow Business The Seattle Story 1851-1901 by William C. Speidel, so I decided to read about "The City of Roses" Portland, Oregon or at least the wicked side of it.

This is a great book that talks about the history of the underside of Portland in pretty good detail. There is a lot about Jonathan Bourne Jr., who was fleeing the east coast and ended up in Portland and doing pretty good for himself.

The cautionary tail of J.P. Cochran who came to Portland and was promptly fleeced of everything he owned and ended up getting locked up in jail. His dad A.G. Cochran who was head of the Missouri Pacific Railway had to head out west to bail him out and head back to St. Louis.

There's also talk of the opium dens and the shanghaiing that went on until almost World War I. When you hear of shanghaiing in Portland it's normally said that said victim gets some booze that's laced with something and the next thing they know they wake up on a ship headed out to sea. That wasn't always the case. The story of farmer Aquilla Ernest Clark a farmer who came to town and met a gentleman that treated him and some other gents to food and booze took them on a steamboat to Astoria, Oregon they took in the sights but before they left they had to sign a piece of paper just so when the ship left back for Portland they'd know they had everyone. After living it up in Astoria they where asked if they wanted to see a deep sea ship, they all said yes. Well remember the pieces of paper they signed? Well they had just signed up to be the crew for this ship, out came the guns and off to the sea they went. It took Clark seven years to get back home, a lot of others were not so lucky.

There's also a chapter dedicated to the prostitutes of Portland. The Mayor Vs. Mayor chapter is pretty interesting to.

Edouard Chambreau's story is pretty interesting as well. He was a French Canadian who lived a pretty wild life before he got to Portland. Once in Portland he tried to run a restaurant but that didn't work he ended up running a saloon and gambling den. He eventually became a born-again Christian and wrote an interesting book detailing his life. I'd love to read that book, as it sounds pretty interesting.

As for Wicked Portland this is a great book. It's a pretty quick read and full of all sorts of information about the early days of Portland.

This book was Published by The History Press of Charleston, SC and London, England in 2012.


Brian Guy

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Complete Encyclopedia of Commercial Vehicles by G.N. Georgano, editor

This isn't the kind of book that you are going to sit down and read from from to back, it's more of a reference book. That being said when I saw this, I knew I had to pick it up. Yeah it's pretty old it was published in 1979, and the information isn't exactly up to date as a result, but this has a lot of neat stuff in it.

There are over 2500 manufactures listed and there are a lot of colour and black and white photos, which makes the book worthwhile in of its self.

Amazing stuff if you are into trucks and the like. The only complaint that I really have is they list Suburu as having commercial vehicles, I in all my life have never seen a Suburu as a commercial vehicle setting and they have a picture of a Brat?! A Brat is a commercial  vehicle are you kidding? I guess a Yugo was a commercial vehicle to then. Oh, well I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

This first edition was printed by Krause Publications of Iola, WI in 1979.


Brian Guy

Terrace Legends by Cass Pennant and Martin King

For some reason I find football/soccer violence interesting, hence my second book review on the subject.

This is an fascinating book written by Cass Pennant and Martin King. They interviewed 29 football hooligans from mostly the UK. They asked all of them the same questions and some of the answers were pretty interesting.

First they describe the meeting the fans background. The questions are as follows:

What's Your Favourite Terrace Fashion?
What's the Worst Fashion You've Ever Seen on the Terrace?
Describe Your Worst Feeling at a Game.
Have You ever Incurred Any Serious Injuries or been Badly Beaten Up at a Match?
Has Your Side Ever been Involved in a Full Scale Riot?
Describe the Best Taking of an End You've ever Witnessed.
Which Has You're Own Team's Popular End?
Where did You Sit or Stand in the Ground?
Can You Recall a Battle You have been Involved in, Either inside or Outside a Ground?
Can You Recall the Best Ever Mob Your Team has put Together?
Who's the Best Rival You've Ever Seen?
Who are Your Biggest Rivals Team Wise?
Who are Your Biggest Rival Fan Wise?
Have You Ever joined up with Another Team's Firm?
Did You Ever Follow England and Would You Put England before Your Club?
Which Was the Best England Row?
Have You Ever Supported or Looked Out for another Team's Results?
Name Your Top Five Firms, in any Order?
Which is the Worst Grounds You've Ever Been to and Why?
Which is the Best Stadium You've Been to?
Who are the Fairest Coppers You've Come Across at a Match?
And the Worst Old Bill?
What Would Have Stopped you Getting Involved with the Boys at the Matches?
Describe the Methods and Tactics Used by the Police and the Authorities to Stop Football Violence, and Do You think they Work?
Have You Ever been Sickened by Something You've Witnessed at a Game?
What's Your Favourite Football Song or Chant and Which is the Worst? Can You Recall Hearing from the Other Team?
What is Your Favourite Band/Record during Your Football Days?
Who is Your All-Time Favourite Player?
Where do You think the New English National Stadium Should be Built and what are Your Thoughts Regarding the Wembely Fiasco?

As you can see a lot of questions were asked. I think the most interesting answers was that for the most part all of the people interviewed would not put England ahead of their own team. Being an American this seems strange to me. Everyone puts say the Men's Basketball team for the Olympics ahead of their own team and same with football/soccer.

I also found that the question about being sickened by something you've witnessed provided a lot of interesting answers. I'd say as a whole they do not like it when "fans" are the victims of hooligans, they feel it should just be hooligan on hooligan violence. A few of them also mentioned the Liverpool disaster at Hillsborough in 1989 which 96 fans were killed and 766 were injured.

As apposed to most hooligans I really felt that for these people it wasn't about being violent and not really caring about the match and football it was a life style choice that they had made and it was more important in some cases that their own family.

This is a must read if you are interested in this kind of thing.

The particular issue I have is the first paperback printing done in 2005 by John Blake Publishing of London, UK.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Slept on his Arms Last Night - Vacant Lot (Canadian TV Show)

I think the show Vacant Lot only lasted one season. I used to have them all on VHS, but who knows what happened to them, as I never have been good at marking my old VHS tapes. Anyhow, I think this is one of the funniest songs I've ever heard in my life and the video is hilarious. Anyone know if they actually released this as a single or anything?


Brian Guy

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stephen Colbert with the Black Belles - Charlene II (I'm Over You) 7" (Review Only)

Okay I am sure that if you live in the states you know who Stephen Colbert is, if not he plays a fake conservative commentator on Comedy Central. He has also authored a couple of books, so now we have a seven inch record with the Black Belles from the UK.

When I first looked at the cover I thought this Stephen Colbert was with a bunch of Michael Jackson impersonators then I realized it was a group called the Black Belles. The back of the record looks like a scene from that horrible movie "The Blair Witch Project." But I bought it anyways. I figured if Stephen Colbert is involved it had to be worth a laugh or two.

The Steven Colbert side of the record is pretty funny in a creepy sort of way. Basically it's about a stalker who has decided (sort of) to stop stalking the object of his obsession. It reminds me of something that Dr. Demento would love for his show.

The Black Belles side of the record "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)" really did nothing for me. I just couldn't get into it, it was just boring.

Over all not a bad little piece of plastic.

This was a co-release of Comedy Central and Third man Records, from 2011.


Brian Guy

The United Miscellany - John White (book review)

I have to admit that I'm pretty new to the football (soccer) world so I don't know as much as a lot of people so this was a pretty interesting read for me.

This has a lot of pretty short entries some a short as a sentence some take up the whole page, but if there is anything to read about Manchester United it's in this book.

Everything from the Munich disaster that killed eight Manchester players and quite a few media types to the team's humble start in 1878 by railway workers for Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway formed the team as Newton Heath. They called themselves the Heathens. There are also a lot of stories on George Best, who also did the forward to the book, Denis Law, Sir Alex Ferguson, David Beckham and a host of others.

If you are a Man U. fan this is a must have book for you.

This is the third edition and was published in 2008 by Carlton Books Ltd., London


Brian Guy

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wrestler "Hangman"Bobby Jaggers dead at 64

I just learned today "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers passed away on this passed Sunday, September 30th of renal failure complications from Hepatitis C, that he contracted during his tours of duty in Vietnam.

Bobby Jaggers was born Robert F. Jeaudoin in 1948 in Vancouver, WA. After serving in Vietnam he started wrestling  after meeting Sandy Barr.  He started as a "brother" of Lonnie Mayne being called Bobby Mayne but he is probably best known as "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers.

I was lucky enough to see him wrestle for Don Owen in the mid-80's when I was a teenager. At the time he was hailing from Schurtz, TX it took me a long time to find it on the map as I was spelling it as Shirts. Oh, well. 

Jaggers was quite the bleeder, and if you look closely at this picture of him to the left you will see the map of scars on his forehead from blading. 

Jaggers is probably most famous for being part of the tag team "The Kansas Jayhawks," with "Dirty" Dutch Mantell.

He retired in 1991 living in Dunlap, KS and worked as a engineering technician for the state of Kansas.

For more information into his life and career visit:

Rest in peace Bobby Jaggers.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sports Pages of the Los Angeles Times edited with Text from Bill Shirley

This is a pretty interesting book that my wife bought me a while back for my birthday and then forgot to give it to me. First off this book covers from 1883 - 1983.

The interesting thing is seeing how the coverage of sports has changed from when the Los Angeles Times started publishing and looking at how sports is covered now. It's also interesting to see what kind of sports where a lot more popular back in the day, and now don't get quite the coverage.

The earlier sports pages have a lot of auto racing, boxing, horse racing and football, there is even a story on an up coming wrestling match of "Man Mountain" Dean from 1934.

Now for my complaints:
 1. Some of the earlier pages are either so small or so smudged you can't even read what is on the pages.
2. I really wish that this had more than just the first page of the sports pages. There are a couple of articles that I would have loved to have read the whole article, but with only the front page I guess I'd be forced to look it up on line and see if I can find it. Now, I really think that this is a space issue if it had the complete sports pages it would be a lot more than the 286 oversized pages that it is.

So, I guess it's okay for a snap shot of what was going on at that particular time, but if you are looking for something with a little more depth, you will be disappointed.

This was printed in 1983 by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. of New York, NY

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Steel Toe Solution - Wrong Side of the Pond (live)

Okay, this is a live version of what I think, thanks to Bernando over and US OI of Sweden has become one of my favourite songs of all time. "Wrong Side of the Pond" is a song about people from the US thinking that they are from the UK because they use UK English when they talk. Now, I have to admit that I am one of these people who does this. My reason, My mums family is from the UK via Canada and My dad's family is from Ireland. So, that gives me an excuse, it's just my roots. If you don't like it too bad.

If you want to hear a lot clearer version of the lyrics please visit Bernando's web site and down load the album. It is really worth your wile. As this OI! band is really pretty damn good. They are from New Jersey if any one cares.


Brian Guy

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Froghollow Band - Two Song Demo + Playing all Night cd

This is a good friends band out of Walla Walla, WA. The music has a good Alt. Country feel to it and is really worth your time to download if you haven't already done so on the now dead links over on Down Underground.

The Froghollow Band is currently in the studio putting finishing touches on their new album. I have not heard when it will be released yet but as soon as I know something I will let you know. I have heard at least one of the new songs "Love of a Six Gun," and if the whole album is that good it will be a great release. Like I said I'll keep you posted.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Corb Lund - Bible on the Dash (live on CBC)

Corb Lund is a musician out of Edmonton, Alberta. I have to say I really enjoy this song a lot and hope to track down some more of him and "The Hurtin' Albertans."


Brian Guy

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Overnite While You Sleep: Western Trucking Pioneers by Ken Goudy Jr.

Back to books about the trucking industry. This is a very interesting book by Ken Goudy Jr. about trucking companies of the Pacific Northwest, and a few California companies.

This is Goudy's second book, I think. I have another one of his books which is a great book but the type set is so damn small I can barely read it without getting a headache. Lucky the typeset in this book is a lot better.

There is a lot of history in this 112 page book, and for me it was like stepping back in time. A lot of the companies I've heard of before but there were a few that I did not know of.

I enjoyed reading about Consolidated Freightways which was based out of Portland, Or. I also find it interesting that Consolidated Freightways created Freightliner trucks to move their freight and if it wasn't for Consolidated Freightways, Freightliner trucks would not exist. I really miss seeing Consolidated Freightways rigs on the road. Garrett Freightlines is also in this book. I remember them making a lot of deliveries to the warehouse that my dad was a salesman and warehouseman at. P.I.E. Pacific Intermountain Express is the third chapter of this book I also had a friend that worked for them in the 70's if I remember right

There are a lot of other companies mentioned in the book. I really enjoyed the pictures of all the old trucks with their company colours. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the smaller trucking companies, System 99, Lee & Eastes, and Southern Pacific Truck Services.

Chapter 18, called the scrapbook is pretty cool if you ask me.

If you can find this book, by all means pick it up and add it to your trucking book collection.

This book was published in 1995 by Bennett Printing Co. of Walla Walla, WA.


Brian Guy

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bruce Springstone - Live at Bedrock 7" (review only)

I kind of have a thing about songs related to TV shows from the 60's and 70's so when I saw this I just had to pick it up. Now that I have all I can say is
this is very strange indeed, we have a Bruce Springsteen/Flintstones parody record. I can't say that this is exactly great. "Take me out to the ballgame," to me makes absolutely no sense as a Flintstones related song. However the flipside, with "Bedrock Rap and "Meet The Flintstones" theme song is okay.

My only question why would anyone make this record? I really don't get the connection between the  Springsteen and the Flintstones.

Oh well.

This was released in 1982  on Clean Cuts Inc. Of Baltimore, MD


Brian Guy

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Honky Tonk Juke Box Special cd - va

I can't even remember where I  picked this up at, but it has some pretty funny country western songs that are not fit for the whole family.

None of the artist on this CD I have ever heard of before buying this or since: Pork & the Havana Ducks, Wolf McCall & the One Armed Bandits, Ron Davies, "Deaf" Smith & the West Texas Blues Band, Timothy P. & the Rural Route Three, Ken Carlysle, "Crow" Carroll, Dick Darmon and "Pinto" Bennett & the Famous Motel Cowboys.

I like all the songs for the most part, but a few stick out to me "Pinto" Bennett & the Famous Motel Cowboys, "Honky Tonk Asshole," is a classic song as is "Crow" Carroll's "I Gave her the Ring (She Game Me the Finger," It kind of sounds like something the Saddle Tramps would do.

This was released in 1999 on Westwood International Records, Inc., of Nashville, TN

New link.

Brian Guy